Who i am..

Born in 1959 I fell in love with photography in the early 80s.

Since then, photography has been my main passion. 

Thanks to my job I have being travelling around the world all the time over the years. 

At the beginning my photos were mainly dedicated to my voyages around the world.

Than, in the mid 90s I started to focus my pictures mainly on people, portraits and people integrated in their daily living.

During those last years I dedicated most of my shooting time to Street Photography.

I developed also specific themes, as Argentinian Tango Dance, shooted mainly in Buenos Aires and Torino, Italy.

Another theme I’ve focused in is the Brazilian Carnival, I did most of my shooting in San Paolo, during the Carnival parade.

An important art project has been the one created with the great Italian painter and artist Dovilio Brero, named Le Chitarre Morte, based mainly on his paintings, integrated by my photos on the same theme. This project was promoted in several exhibitions curated by the art critic Monica N. Mantelli, who took care also of some of my photo exhibitions over the years. 

Also, I did a lot of studio photography, creating my settings, often with the collaboration of the Italian art designer Diego Maria Gugliermetto.

I will continue my research on portraits, one of my favorites shooting themes. Portraits in external locations is one of my favorites.


I started photography shooting with analogic cameras, mainly Nikon 24×36, Hasselblad and Contax in medium format.

During the last years I started practicing photography with digital cameras, again mainly Nikon ones, and I moved recently to mirrorless models. But I keep still my medium format cameras and I intend to continue using them.


During the years I was involved in exhibitions, in Italy and France, unfortunately I was not able to dedicate enough time to that due to my main job absorbing mostly of my time but, in the future, I will dedicate my time mainly to that.

Personal exhibitions:


Rivoli (Torino) 1999NY-NO (New York – New Orleans)

Viù (Torino) 2000Percorsi Fotografici

Saint Laurent du Pont (Francia) 2000Paysages Urbains

Torino (8 Gallery)2002Tangography

Torino (Espace)2002Tangography

Piossasco (Torino)2003Omaggio a Lea Luzzati Segre

Rivoli (Torino)2004Emozioni

Rivoli Maison Musique (To)​​2004Tango Heritage (curated by Monica Mantelli)

Torino, P.zza San Carlo2004Tango Heritage (curated by Monica Mantelli)

Rivoli, Maison Musique (To) 2006Transe: Brasile in Trance

(curated by Monica Mantelli)

Saint Laurent du Pont (Francia)2006Roots of Brazilian Carnival

Rivoli (Maison Musique)2006Le Chitarre Morte with Dovilio Brero​​​curated by Monica Mantelli

Torino(Il Cortile del Maglio)2007Le Chitarre Morte with Dovilio Brero​​curated by Monica Mantelli

Orta Lake2007Le Chitarre Morte with Dovilio Brerocurated

by Monica Mantelli and in cooperation withAssociation La Finestra sul Lago


Torino, Eataly ​​2010Tango & Design Ergonomies curated by Monica


Torino​​2017Legs on their Way

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